Rumor: Nintendo NX Will Be "Noticeably More Powerful" Than PS4, Wii U Remasters Expected

Several new rumors coming our way this morning courtesy of Nintendo Life. The first rumor comes from the word of several developers within the industry and is by far the most exciting news of the day. It's being said by many that the Nintendo NX is a noticeable step up graphically than the PS4. While some may remain skeptical given Nintendo's track record with consoles, this may be the reason behind both Xbox and Sony actively pursuing "upgrades" for their current gen consoles.

The second rumor comes with confirmation from well-known leaker Emily Rodgers and involves remasters of Wii U games being available for Nintendo NX...

With E3 so close, you'd have to imagine we will be finding out confirmation on at least some of these within the next couple months! Nintendo has me hopeful again, what about you?