Rumor: Photo Indicates HALO WARS Is Coming To Steam

A photo has leaked online leading to speculation that Halo Wars: Definitive Edition is on its way to Steam. Everything we know right now comes from a Halo Modder who posted a screenshot to Twitter: 

If the news does turn out to be true, there are a couple unknowns that Microsoft would need to address:

  1. Will Microsoft store PC players be able to play with Steam players? 
  2. Will Microsoft store PC players be required to repurchase the game to play it on Steam? 

We don't even have confirmation that the game is officially Steam bound, but how big of news it is depends largely on how the community will be divided. I'm not sure too many people will want to repurchase a game on another platform...but Microsoft can't really rally a strong community for the game segregating its player base. We are keeping an eye on it to see if Microsoft confirms the news now that it's out.