Rumor: PREY 2 Will Be Re-Announced At E3

It's been 5 years since the Prey 2 E3 trailer wow'd fans of the series, and it's been two years since Bethesda announced the project was cancelled. So why then are their rumblings that the game could be re-announced at this E3?

Side note, who wouldn't be hype about that trailer?! Looking at it now it looks like you're playing Star Wars Bounty Hunter with McCree from Overwatch!

Anyway, VG247 is reporting several Prey fan sites are redirecting to an unlisted "private" Facebook page which seems to indicate we will be receiving an update on the previously cancelled series. There's really no secret as to what that could be if you click the Facebook link right says Prey2 in the link!

Prey 2 was supposed to feature original protaganist Killian Samuels after having his memory wiped following an encounter with alien thugs. He then starts a new life as a bounty hunter while he slowly retains memories from his past.

Well now we know one thing coming out of Bethesda's conference, anyone have any guesses for what else we could be seeing?