RUN THE JEWELS Can No Longer Say F***Boy In GEARS OF WAR 4

Killer Mike and El-P of Run The Jewels can no longer say "FuckBoy," in Gears Of War 4. The rap group was added to the game last year in a DLC package that included custom skins and voice packs for the characters that have recently been edited by the developers. The developers claim they've received a lot of complaints stating the phrase as offensive, which yeah it is, but who playing Gears Of War 4 feels that way? In case you're out of the loop on current American slang, here's how Urban Dictionary defines it...

A person who is a weak ass pussy
that ain't bout shit.

Basically, a person who acts tough or like they stand for something, but then when challenged on it immediately backs down or contradicts themselves.

This term, which is being defined as a transgender slur by the Gears developers, has been revitalized by Run The Jewels in the tremendous amount of success they've experienced in the past couple years. As of writing, the developers have no plans of bringing back the phrase, but that could change. Check out Censored Gaming's video below to hear more about this hilarious drama.