SALE: Green Man Gaming Hosts Birthday Sale For Their 8th Anniversary

One of the best sites to buy new games from, competing with direct purchases from the Steam store, is Green Man Gaming. They always have the newest games available for you to purchase, and often on a discounted price! They have surpassed their past generous sales this time though. For the 8th anniversary of the Green Man Gaming's website, they are hosting a Birthday Sale that contains multiple games from multiple era's of the game developments.

There are plenty of games for the PC on a sale price that are available at all times during the sale, such as Borderlands 2 at 78% off for $8.80, XCOM 2 at 67% off for $19.80, 7 Days to Die at 62% off for $9.50, and Assassin's Creed Origins at 40% off for $35.99, which each have a code available to give an extra 20-25% off their final purchase available on the site. This sale reaches out to the Playstation 4 console as well, with the code "PS8" set to provide 8% off the total purchases of PS4 games. However, these sales aren't the focus of the Birthday Sale.

The Birthday Sale actually has it's own special set up going on. There will be multiple phases for the type of deals they will have available. First offering a 24 hour only deal on Tomb Raider and three different 8 hour only deals, all of which have already expired unfortunately. However, we are just in time for the second phase! This phase welcomes over 250 games from Ubisoft, with up to 80% off available on available titles! Just don't forget to use the code "UBI15" for your final purchase.

While we don't know what the next phase will hold, we can enjoy some serious deals on a large variety of games right now. Even if you aren't a big fan of Ubisoft, there are titles from Rockstar, Bethesda, Square Enix, Konami, and so many more! Again, don't forget to grab the code for the section of games you are buying from to increase the value of your sale to the highest discount possible. Happy shopping gamers!