Salem, Tweek, And Dabuz Officially Register For GameTyrant Expo

Three of the hottest players in SSB4 just signed to the GameTyrant Expo and we're psyched to announce that Salem, Dabuz, and Tweek will all compete in the Vivint Home Arena September 29th-October 1st for a chance at that huge prize pot. 

Salem is a guy who needs no introduction as his back to back S-Tier wins at EVO and Dreamhack Atlanta have started the conversation that he may be the best person playing SSB4 in 2017. 

While great, Salem isn't unbeatable and one of the guys that proved that recently was Tweek when he dropped him rather easily to send him to the losers bracket with some handly Cloud play:

Of course Salem would comeback and defeat Tweek a couple matches later, but it was really anyone's game between the two. Maybe in their next meeting, Tweek will bust Bowser Jr. out of retirement?

Finally, we have Dabuz, who has really shown some excellent play with his use of Rosalina and has an extensive set of notes on literally everyone he competes against. Perhaps this is his key to consistency as finishes outside of the top eight in tourneys have been quite rare for him in his career. For that reason, Dabuz has some of the hypest highlight reels this side of YouTube: