SAMURAI RIOT Will Take Us Back to the Age of Arcade Beat-Em Ups

Wako Factory, a French indie development studio, has a treat in store for fans of the classic Arcade style Beat-em Up games. Next month they will be releasing Samurai Riot and it looks fantastic. The visuals have me just as excited, if not more so, to play this game than the actual idea behind it. The idea is a cooperative (or solo) game where you get to be a samurai and kick butt. The team over at Wako Factory are trying to incorporate elements from Japanese tradition and mythology into the game for a backdrop story that will have you making choices with consequences.

Fans of this genre can look forward to a visual treat, where a backdrop story compels the player to really think about their decisions in game and the ramifications of their choices. Having been hired to bring peace and tranquility to the warring land, each choice you make as a Samurai, Tsurumaru/ Sukane, will have an influence on your destiny and, with an arsenal of deadly attacks at your disposal, the fight to make it through each battle will require guile, skill and forethought!

It looks like in addition to a story driven beat-em up that features local multiplayer on PC (we need more local multiplayer everywhere!), Samurai Riot aims to provide a rich playing experience. It will feature 8 different endings, 14 fighting schools to mix things up each time you play, and cooperative and PVP modes to play with your friends. Check out Steam in September to pick up Samurai Riot for only $14.99. Also, be on the lookout for our review here on GameTyrant.