Satisfye Has Released An Update To Their Awesome Nintendo Switch Grip And A New Version For The Nintendo Switch Lite!


A few months back I had the opportunity to review the Satisfye Pro Gaming Grip for the Nintendo Switch and found it to be a game-changing accessory. Now, Satisfye has released an updated version of their amazing grip and a new version specifically built for the Nintendo Switch Lite! Both grips feature a slight redesign of the asymmetrical handles to further improve ergonomics when using the Switch and Switch Lite in handheld mode. A new floating-point design has also been adopted to allow for better airflow and prevent any accidental scratching of your Switch as the system will only come into contact with silicone pads. The new grips have also received a name change from the Pro Gaming Grip to the SwitchGrip Pro (Nintendo Switch) or SwitchGrip Lite (Nintendo Switch Lite).

We’re excited to welcome the newest member of the SwitchGrip™ family to our collection of high-quality pro gaming grips. The unique floating grip technology and asymmetric design of our grips demonstrate our relentless commitment to innovation and the Switch gaming community.
— Phillip Brand, CEO of Satisfye

With how awesome the original Pro Gaming Grip was for Nintendo Switch handheld play I can’t imagine owning a Switch Lite without a SwitchGrip Lite to accompany it. The redesigns put into the grips should also make it more accessible to anyone regardless of hand size. I also love that the SwitchGrip Lite comes in a white color scheme to accent the thumbsticks and buttons of the Switch Lite! The SwitchGrip Pro is available now on Satisfye’s website and Amazon (affiliate link). The SwitchGrip Lite is now available for pre-order over on Satisfye’s website. For anyone looking to take their Switch Experience to the next level I can highly recommend checking them out!