Sci-Fi RPG ENCASED Pays Homage To Forebears

Open-world RPG in a post-apocalyptic setting? Yes. Isometric adventure with intriguing characters and dramatic plot lines? Definitely. A faction system and possibilities with a lot of player choice? You betcha. The early-access Encased by Dark Crystal Games could have it all. It’d be understandable if you were thinking of classics like the first two Fallout games, Baldur’s Gate, or even both Divinity: Original Sin titles. The studio behind Encased has experienced developers who have worked on some of those acclaimed projects, and the new RPG is inspired by those successful predecessors in the genre.

Dark Crystal Games promises 25 to 30 hours of gameplay with the campaign and high replay value on top of that. Play as any character and observe the ramifications of your choices. Encased is about exploration, survival, and, most of all, adventure. Turn-based combat meets open-world design, and there’s a lot for you to do. Just like the Fallout series and the other games influencing this sci-fi experience, the gameplay is flexible and the whims of the player will triumph.

The full version of the game will release after nine months or so, but players have a chance to be part of the development process now. The story’s final two acts will be available at the official launch. Encased is currently in Early Access on Steam.

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