SEA OF THIEVES Servers Were Not Prepared For The Heavy Influx of Players


Two days ago, Sea of Thieves was released by Rare Studios and Microsoft, and now, the game’s servers are currently struggling to keep up with the massive influx of players worldwide. Some players are now facing problems such as connecting to the game, experiencing random disconnection, matchmaking errors and more. 

Sea of Thieves was initially released early Monday morning in New Zealand, with other territories gradually being added until it reached North America by Tuesday morning. A few hours after the game was released in the US, the official Twitter account of Sea of Thieves posted the first message, about the concerns on server load. 

As more players started coming in, especially American players who were able to purchase the game ahead of release and pre-loaded it on their PC and Xbox One, the connection problems doubled. Also, players who were able to access the game through the Xbox Game Pass added to the server traffic. 

Currently, both Rare and Microsoft are working on updates to “ensure that the playing experience will be optimal.” Hopefully, the developers will be able to keep up with players and ensure that everyone will be able to log into the game. 

Did you experience any difficulty logging into Sea of Thieves? What is your impression of the game? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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