SECRET NEIGHBOR Opens Their Alpha Back Up For Easter


The Hello Neighbor spin off mutliplayer title Secret Neighbor from tinyBuild originally opened their alpha version up to the public in December for a Christmas themed party game. After receiving feedback and working more on their game, they have greatly improved the games mechanics and are re-opening the Alpha to the public from April 19th to the 30th via Steam.

This Easter alpha build contains a few updates including more ways for the Neighbor player to creatively catch the children players, as well as, giving classes to each of the children options so that players can use a unique ability to aid in their venture to unlock the basement. Check out the announcement trailer:

Along with this announcement they have stated that they have hidden an Easter Egg for players to find this time around. More good news includes that if you were given an Alpha access code back in December, that code is valid for this version of the Alpha and so you will only need to re-download the game if you have uninstalled it since. If you are interested in joining in during this Alpha session, simply visit their website and apply.

Just from the trailer alone, the game seems to be much better than when I gave my first impression on the Christmas build. Simply giving the children different abilities could help fix a lot of the issues I thought the game had, which mainly pertained to balancing. Will I be seeing you in game to try and unlock the secret that is within the Neighbor’s basement?