See 8 Minutes Of POKEMON GO Before It's Gone

Watch it while you can! Pokemon GO is in beta in Australia and not 8 full minutes of gameplay have appeared online! If the video happens to be pulled before you see it hears what we see...

  • Customizable Male or Female character
  • Options state over 1000 items and 500 Pokemon to choose from
  • You can choose which team you wish to represent for gym battles (Red, Blue, Yellow)
  • Trainer in demo had Geodude as his starter
  • Walking by a location gave the trainer 3 Pokeballs and an Egg.
  • Trainer's don't fight Pokemon to catch them...battling only occurs in gyms.

That's essentially all you missed if the video is no longer there. I wouldn't call it disappointing, but it definitely is not the ideal mobile experience we were expecting. Still looks fun though! I'll still be downloading. Thanks IGN for the heads up!

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