See Beyond The Boundaries Of RESIDENT EVIL 2 In This Latest Video


For many of us, playing through a game brings inspiration and the curious nature of wanting to understand just how they brought it together. Pulling off emotional cutscenes, building a dark atmosphere, and getting surprised by huge enemies must take some serious skill to blend into one masterpiece.

Thanks, once again, to the YouTuber Shesez, the creator and host of a series known as Boundary Break, we can look into how Capcom pulled off some of the key moments within Resident Evil 2. While majority of the video is him checking out things from his own curiosity, he mentions that there were a few viewer request findings as well. Hopefully this video shows you some of the moments you wanted to know more about as well.

It’s pretty amazing that he was able to get a free roam camera so quickly after the game launch, but it is intriguing to see the moments with Mr. X. My favorite thing to watch in pretty much every Boundary Break episode is the cutscene reality moments though. It’s always looks stupid without the cinematic angles and lighting.

If you liked this video, he did one on Resident Evil games in general. There’s also a Resident Evil 4 one from his other series, called Off Camera Secrets, that is worth checking out.