See How NetherRealm Pulled Off MORTAL KOMBAT 11's Stages And Fatalities

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With the popularity and positively reviewed title Mortal Kombat 11 recently released, players have been working on climbing the ranks on the leaderboard using their favorite characters. The main aspect that NetherRealm brings to every Mortal Kombat game are their fatalities, which just about everyone is guilty of using to humiliate your opponent after every win possible.

Thanks to YouTuber Shesez and his latest video from the Boundary Break series, we get an in depth view of how the developers pulled off many of the fatalities. Along with this great features leak, he provides us with some outstanding views to see how the stages are pulled off as well! Check it out:

While I enjoyed seeing how many of these fatalities were pulled off, it would have been nice to see how they pulled off such a smooth story mode as well. The flow from cutscene to fight and back into cutscene was intricate, but I guess that would require a whole different free camera set up. At least we got to see quite a bit of detail from all the other parts of the game.

It is interesting how simple some of the tricks used by developers really are. From a simple texture making it appear they broke the camera to hiding items outside of the stage to be called in later, it is played out like a magic trick. What did you think of this developer trick revealing episode from Boundary Break?