See How The Horse Bound Cavalry Class Works In BATTLEFIELD 1 Gameplay

Horses are coming for the first time to Battlefield. Arekkz Gaming got his hands on the new cavalry class in Battlefield 1, and has all the details you could want on this exciting "vehicle" in the game. The video will give you a full breakdown of everything you need to know, but here are the things I latched on to.

  • Horse will spawn next to you when you select the class.
  • Horse can be mounted and dismounted at any time.
  • You can steal the other teams horses.
  • Horses can trample for an instant kill, you can cut them down with a sabre, or shoot them with a pistol. 
  • Horses will not run off of cliffs, and will sometimes not jump obstacles like barbed wire. 
  • Sabre kills only seem to affect the side in which you are aiming the sword. 

I feel like I just subscribed you to horse facts! Like I mentioned the full video has a bit more detail and lots of cool gameplay so check that out below.