See Some Intense THE SURGE 2 Gameplay In Their Latest Teaser

After providing us with the full platform list and launch date for The Surge 2 back at E3 2019, Focus Home Interactive and developers Deck 13 have gone silent as the game nears release. With a month and a half until launch, they have now broken the silence to show off some gameplay with an kick ass trailer! Not only do we get to see a slew of enemies that we will have to face off against throughout the futuristic journey, but we can see some of the awesome aspects the game will have to offer.

From specifics of gameplay, such as dismemberment and enemies requiring persistence to triumph against, to the aspects included, such as equipment upgrade and gear selections, this short trailer shows off more than enough stuff to build hype. Whether you were already excited or are just now getting there, the wait is fast approaching an end and pre-ordering is still available. From what I see in this trailer, it looks like we are going to get a mix of hack ‘n’ slash action with the intense struggle of a Dark Souls style difficulty. This may prove to be both a challenging and exciting game with this blend of action!

Check out the trailer for yourself to see what you will have Overcome, what you can Upgrade, and see if you can Survive: