See The First Gameplay Footage From SONIC Inspired FREEDOM PLANET 2

It won't take long for you to recognize the similarities between Freedom Planet 2 and Sonic The Hedgehog. Soon after that, you'll begin to wonder if there is a new fast-paced platformer in town that can take our boy in blue's place! There isn't an immense amount of footage in this gameplay trailer, but there's enough to get me curious as to how well this sequel will compare and set itself apart from the iconic Sega series. I could do without the Furry overtones, but if it means tighter gameplay and more action mechanics...I guess I can live with it. 

The first Freedom Planet was released for Wii-U and highly acclaimed, but with the Wii-U officially ending production, there's no word where FP2 will come when it is completed. No release date set yet for the game, but we will keep you posted as we hear more!