See The First Trailer For Johto Pokemon In POKEMON GO

Pokemon Go is adding new customization, items, and yes, new Pokemon. After months of data miners telling us this was happening the mobile game is finally going to roll out Pokemon from the Johto region this week. Check out the trailer and continue reading below.

In addition to the added (now gender specific) Pokemon, Niantic will also be adding in new evolutionary items and berries for players to collect at Pokestops. Players will be able to use a Nanab berry to slow Pokemon they wish to catch and a Pinap berry to double their candy after capturing. Players will have more options to customize their avatars as well, although no word if you'll still be forced to wear a visor. The update is supposed to go live this week. I haven't played the game in awhile but I still have it downloaded on my phone, do you? 

Source: Pokemon Go Live