SEGA and TWO POINT STUDIOS Tease a New Game In Development for 2018

You may or may not know who Two Point Studios are, but I'm going to throw a bit of an introduction in anyway for the less informed. They are relatively new development company made up of veteran members from old development teams once known as Lionhead Studios and Bullfrog. Those names should stand out for you, since the former created the legendary Fable series and the latter developed simulation games like Theme Hospital and Theme Park.

In May earlier this year, Sega announced that it had established a partnership with Two Point Studios, although very little detail was given at the time. Well, the shroud of secrecy is starting to lift, as Two Point Studios tweeted a tease at a new game in development and that we should watch for more news in January 2018. And if you looked at the bio on twitter very carefully, you will see that it states that they are making Sim games with Sega Europe. Mmm, now to take some guesses as to what that could be? A brand new Theme Hospital for current gen consoles?? Yes please!!

Whatever it may be, I am rather excited to see what a team consisting of Theme Sim and Fable developers can come up with. Both Theme Park and Hospital were glorious titles that had me replaying them over so many years. And as per my last Fable article where I was discussing the possibility of a Fable 4 game, you can see just how much I loved that fantasy rpg series. 


In any event, we'll keep a watchful eye for more news on this matter and I'll even try and sneak in an interview. What do you think they could possibly be working on? Care to throw some memes in? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.


Source: SEGA