Sequel And Live-Action Film Already Planned For MIGHTY NO. 9

The game hasn't even hit shelves, and the creators of Mighty No. 9 are already talking sequel. Polygon reports creator Keiji Inafune is even going so far to say that they want to create a live-action film for the new franchise!

"development for a sequel [video game] is already in our minds, and we all share the feeling of 'we'll do it even if it doesn't sell'."

That's kind of a weird thing to say when you add "if it doesn't sell" but why shouldn't Keiji be confident? He already has his costs covered and thousands of copies already sold to Kickstarter owners! I'm always leery to Kickstart things, so it'll be interesting to see how this one plays out and how fans who gave money will respond if the game isn't what they wanted.