Glimpse At The World Of RESIDENT EVIL 7 Through A Series Of Video Shorts

Capcom has been very busy putting out an assortment of news and announcements regarding their ongoing 20th Anniversary Celebration for Resident Evil, and their plans are not limited to just games as we've seen with the pop-up Resident Evil themed restaurants in Japan and a Resident Evil Escape Room in LA.

This week, however, has been more focused on giving us a brief look at some of the game mechanics of Resident Evil VII: Biohazard, as well as teasing us more with the mysterious caller from the demo. 

First off we're shown a little bit about ammo and inventory management which has our classic, trusted and tested storage boxes:

Next up we learn that MacGyver had it right all along and knives come in handy not just for combat but for exploration as well. Got to get rid of that pesky tape somehow!

And our beloved, classic typewriters have officially been replaced by tape recorders as the preferred method of saving your game:

And last, but not least, it looks like we're going to have frequent conversations with whoever's on the other side of that phone line. Could it really be Ada Wong?