Seven Minutes of New Gameplay from Adult Swim's RAIN WORLD

If you would've told me ten years ago that the late night show on Cartoon Network, the one that I watched un-edited versions of Gundam Wing on, would become one of the best places to find new indie games, I would've been deeply confused by that statement. However, Adult Swim has teamed up with so many great indie developers to bring us some very interesting and unique games! Titles like Death's Gambit from White Rabbit or Robot Unicorn Attack from Spiritonin Media Games. This latest in their releases, Rain World, from Videocult is shaping up to be a very interesting 2D world survival game mixed with some great Metroidvania style.

Rain World takes place on a harsh, unforgiving planet whose surface is pelted with deadly strong rain storms. You play as a small ferret-like creature known as a slugcat who is trying to hunt and survive this severe environment. You will battle deadly creatures and uncover cool secrets, all while exploring your surroundings and preparing for the rains to return.

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