Several Copies Of UNCHARTED 4 Stolen And Sold In The UK

If you're trying to avoid Uncharted 4 rumors before May 10th you might want to stay offline. Gamespot says several copies of the game have been stolen in transit in the UK. Game developer Shuhei Yoshida spoke on the issue in a recent blog post warning players to avoid spoilers...

"As with most Naughty Dog games, the unfolding story is such an integral part of the experience and for this reason we wanted to warn you to beware of the potential for spoilers [that may be] posted by people with access to stolen copies of the game...We know that very many of you have been looking forward with great anticipation and excitement to the latest masterpiece from Naughty Dog. From what I have played of Nathan Drake’s latest adventure, I can tell you that it is very much worth the wait."

Sony says they are in communication with authorities in an attempt to find the individuals responsible for the theft.