Several Hackers Are Hard at Work to Bring Every DOOM Game To The Switch


It has been a dream of several fans of the Doom franchise to have the series available on all gaming platforms and it seems now that ever since the release of Doom for the Switch -the first Doom appearance on a Nintendo console in almost two decades-, the longing to bring the games to several systems have been reignited. 

In a recent tweet by iodoom3, it has been revealed that several fans of the series were able to run the open source version of Doom 3 on the Switch, which is only the beginning of these ports as other games in the franchise would inevitably make their unofficial debut on several platforms soon. 

Back in 2011, id Software has released the source code to Doom 3, which made it possible for groups such as iodoom3, to start a project to update and port the game to several platforms. Recently, several hackers were able to get Linux running on the Switch, which opens possibilities of bringing older titles to the hybrid console. Of course, players should be warned that running applications that were not originally intended to a system, poses the risk of doing irreversible damage to the console. However, knowing that such a task is possible, especially on a Switch, brings the goal of fans to play other Doom games closer to reality. 

Hopefully, Doom's developers can see that there is a demand to bring the entire series on the Switch, prompting them to develop an official port of the franchise in the form of a remastered collection, or better yet, make the games available through the virtual console, if Nintendo would ever make one available for the Switch. 

Which Doom game is your favorite in the series? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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