Several Nintendo Switch Players Are Discovering Cracks On Their Consoles

Sixteen months have passed since the release of the Nintendo Switch, and the console is still going strong with a solid lineup of upcoming games from both Nintendo and several third-party developers. However, multiple fans are now reporting a problem with the screen of the Switch itself. 

The Switch has often been criticized in the past concerning the console's physical limitations that include an easily scratched screen, and clunky motion controls. This time, Nintendo Life's Damien McFerran noticed that his own console has started to develop small cracks on top. He also saw that the cracks were localized in the little plastic bars along the console's vent beside the game card slot. 

McFerran's report on the condition of his Switch garnered replies from Twitter users confirming the issues. The majority of cases were similar to what McFerran reported as people kept noticing cracks on top of their console, with one person saying how the damage got so bad that it spread to the back of the Switch and warranted a repair. 

As of this writing, Nintendo has not responded yet on the issue of cracked screens. However, due to the Switch's young age, it is unlikely for the company to release an improved version of the console anytime soon. 

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