SHADOW OF WAR Contains A Touching And Awesome Tribute To A Deceased Developer


Middle Earth: Shadow Of War announced a DLC today, and while many gamers collectively sigh when content is excluded from a game, this one has a completely legitimate reason. 

For around $4.99, gamers will be able to purchase an awesome add-on in Forthog the Orc-Slayer who will act like Fallout's "Mysterious Stranger," and one-hit kill an orc in battle on random occasions. The character was added in honor of their developer Michael Forgey, who passed away at age 43 last year due to cancer. Until December 2019, WB Games will give $3.50 of each DLC purchase of Forthog directly to his wife and their 4 children. 

Check out his character below, and take note of the song, which is written and performed by Forgey: 

The character is currently available to pre-order, and those who purchase the game will be able to pick him up at launch. If DLC has to be a thing, hopefully, more of it can be used to support causes like this.