Shine 2018 To Feature Smash History Panel


Three months ago, I reported on Anokh “Edwin_Budding” Palakuthi’s announcement that he would be writing a full-length book tracing the history of the competitive Super Smash Bros. Melee scene from the beginning into the present day.  The book will be a comprehensive work building off of research performed Edwin_Budding and his Smash History writing partner, Pikachu942 (the book is a solo project by Edwin_Budding, while the now-defunct Smash History blog was a collaborative effort by both writers).

Since I reported on the initial announcement, Edwin_Budding has released several sample chapters on his personal website. From these chapters, it’s clear that the writer’s knowledge of—and passion for—his subject shines through quite clearly. I should know; for the sake of transparency, I should mention that I’m helping him edit the completed manuscript.

This weekend, Edwin_Budding will be at Shine 2018, where he will be holding a panel discussion and talk in order to help interested readers learn more about the book and the creative process behind it. Though Shine’s final panel schedule has not yet been released, it’s likely that it will occur on Friday, the first day of the tournament (and the most packed day in terms of non-competitive events).

If you’re going to be at Shine already—or if you’re a Boston-area Melee fan interested in learning more about Smash history and Smash writing—consider coming out for Edwin_Budding’s panel! And who knows—I might make an appearance as well.