"Shiny" Pokemon, Holiday Outfits, And More Player Customization Found In POKEMON GO Update

As we wait for Niantic's December 12th announcement regarding Pokemon Go, more data miners are uncovering upcoming secrets that will be added to the game. The Silph Road brings the news that a plethora of new information regarding features that will be added in the new update have been found in the game. Here's a breakdown of what you can expect...

  • Pokemon will now have genders
  • sound files for the new Pokemon of Gold/Silver
  • "Shiny" special sound and ability to switch Pokemon's model to color variant of said shiny Pokemon.
  • More customization for trainers.
  • A new classification "baby" perhaps indicating the addition of baby Pokemon.
  • Holiday costumes for Pokemon

It should be noted that the "Shiny" update has been in the info for some time, but many believe that it will make it's debut with the Johto Pokemon as that is when the feature first became available in the main games. For those who don't know what "Shiny" means, this is a rare occurrence in the Pokemon games in which a trainer can catch Pokemon that is a different color than it's normal state. Finding one is extremely rare so it's a big deal when trainers have them! 

The more I hear the more excited I am! It sounds like if Holiday costumes are being planned than the new Pokemon will drop before Christmas! I'm also really excited to pretend like I actually have a shot at getting a shiny Pokemon that I can show off to friends! Just four more days until the announcement!