SHOVEL KNIGHT Composer Joins Forces with Video Game Boss Boy Band

The Internet and the glorious digital age have opened new doors for bringing to reality all those ideas you might have only joked about in the past.  More than likely they would’ve ended up as nothing more than fleeting thoughts for temporary amusement, offering little more than a chuckle if ever revisited. 

Enter I’m the Boss, the sound of some of the most diabolical, despicable, deplorable bosses in gaming history, guilty of all manner of atrocities and offenses to all that is good in our world or theirs, as they get together to form a boy band.

As much as we love to hate these bosses and the atrocities they commit, we can’t help but imagine them completely out of the game’s context, which is the thought pattern behind why we have so many Internet memes about them doing or saying something stupid. Along this train of thought, I speculate that there had to be a vision in the minds of Big Bad Bosses that was so good that it couldn’t be let go, and we are very lucky that it happened now instead of 20 years ago. 

Complete with choreographed dance moves, vocal solos, solid lyrics, sexy Sephiroth, and Mario drawn to suggest he likely partook of the magic mushroom far too many times and then only to meet his untimely demise, I’m The Boss is a YouTube gem that shows that Big Bad Bosses are here to deliver something phenomenal with their debut album Power Overwhelming.

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