Sick And Tired of Feeling Warm and Safe? EDGE OF NOWHERE VR from Insomniac Might Help


Appearing to take some notes from winter wonderland horror classic The Thing, Insomniac’s Edge of Nowhere places you in a survival scenario in the middle of some less than welcoming icy hellhole. Without a huge mountain, some skis or a snowboard, and a nearby lounge with some fresh coffee and good vibes, this setting basically sucks to be in (therefore the perfect environment for a horror adventure). If you happen to know your winter survival like those guys in Werner Herzog’s Happy People, apparently you’re still going to be screwed; the enemy is capable of distorting your perception of reality and looking pretty ugly while doing it. 

These are the kinds of projects that I personally feel are a perfect fit for VR as immersion really makes the scares happen. You scream, your cat goes bolting out of the room, they have accomplished the mission. Here's hoping Insomniac can keep up with their stellar track record and knock this one right out of the stadium.

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