Last Friday, developer Beamdog announced on a livestream that Siege of Dragonspear, the follow up to the original Baldur’s Gate, which was released back in March 2016 for the PC, is coming to mobile devices on March 10th. 

Siege of Dragonspear revolves around the events that takes place after the original Baldur’s Gate and was released as an expansion pack on the PC. However, the mobile version of the game will be a standalone release and will not require the player to own Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition. In addition the mobile version will also allow players to import their character from the previous game. 

Siege of Dragonspear was made to feel true to the original games. Players should expect an old-school nostalgic gameplay that includes dice rolls and strategic combat. Furthermore, Siege of Dragonspear serves as a bridge between the events of the original Baldur’s Gate, and Baldur’s Gate II.

During the livestream event-which is posted above- Beamdog Studio Director Philip Daigle mentioned that several quality of life updates that were present from Planescape: Torment Enhance Edition, will also be coming to the mobile version of Siege of Dragonspear. Daigle also stated that these improvements to the mobile version will also come to the PC version of the game as soon as the Infinity Engine 2.5 update gets released sometime in the future. 

Siege of Dragonspear will be available on all iOS and Android devices starting on March 10, 2018. The game is currently priced at $9.99 on both stores and you can also get the mobile versions of Baldur’s Gate, and Baldur’s Gate II on the iOS and Android stores for the same price. 

Are you ready to play Siege of Dragonspear on your mobile device?