Silent Hill Inspired Title SIMULACRUM Finally Releases A Closed Beta


It was quite some time ago that I initially got in touch with the developers of a classic Silent Hill inspired game that was in development called Simulacrum. Prymordium have been working on this game for awhile now and have shown some glimpses of the gameplay footage which revealed that they took the Team Silent version of the Silent Hill series to heart with their game.

They are still planning on launching the game for free and it is available to be followed for when it becomes available on Gamejolt. The idea is to put a “pay-what-you-want” style tag to it so that it can be free unless you want to help the developers with their funding. With a team working on a game that is designed, inspired, and is a simulacrum of the classic horror game series that drove my passion of horror and puzzle games when I was younger, I am excited to give this a shot.

I have been looking forward to playing this game since I first interviewed the team. While the game is planned to be launched in chapters, this first chapter will really put a staple in how well they captured the classic atmosphere and game style of the classic Silent Hill series into their own title. There is quite a hefty embargo, but I will do what I can to provide you guys with some footage when I get my first impression up, however it will be while following the desires of the small team that are putting this together.


From what I have seen and heard of so far though, this is a game that fans of the classic Silent Hill series have been waiting for. A title that reincarnates the essence of what Konami shut down when they removed Kojima’s PT demo from the PlayStation store and refused to give the rights to any other development team nor work on any titles of their own moving forward. But to be perfectly honest, thank god they didn’t because they would likely ruin Silent Hill just like they did the Metal Gear Solid series with Metal Gear Survive.

Here’s some footage for you guys to enjoy while I put together my first impression and get what I can out to you all. Keep in mind, this video is over 2 years old at this point: