Simon Belmont And King K. Rool Confirmed For Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Nintendo's King K. Rool reveal was as mind-boggling to Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong as it was to real-life viewers

Nintendo's King K. Rool reveal was as mind-boggling to Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong as it was to real-life viewers

In today’s Nintendo Direct, Super Smash Bros. fans were treated with a wealth of new information about the upcoming Smash title. Most notably, Nintendo announced the inclusion of a whopping five new characters to the series, including three “Echo Fighter” clones and two entirely new characters.

Thanks to a last-minute leak revealing the inclusion of Castlevania music the night before the direct, many Smash fans correctly predicted the announcement of the inclusion of vampire hunter Simon Belmont, the series’ main character. However, few could have foreseen that Simon’s descendant and a protagonist of several of his own Castlevania titles, Richter Belmont, would also be included as a clone of Simon.

Furthermore, the announcement of King K. Rool—replete with fake-outs and teases—will bring one of the most often-requested characters into the Smash arena. Donkey Kong’s nemesis, K. Rool is a giant, portly crocodile who looks to be a large, bulky character much like other villains such as Ganondorf, King Dedede, and Bowser.

Other Echo Fighters included in the announcement were Dark Samus, a Samus clone, and Chrom, a Fire Emblem character included as a clone of Roy. Additionally, the Nintendo Direct revealed a number of other tantalizing details, including the addition of a game mode in which players can slowly build up meter in order to activate weakened versions of their Final Smashes and the inclusion of a full 103 stages, including many returning stages from past titles such as Melee’s Final Destination and Brawl’s Hanenbow. Notably, popular indie character Shovel Knight will be included in Smash Ultimate as an assist trophy, exciting news that is bittersweet for fans who hoped that the character would become a full-fledged fighter in his own right.

With months to go before Smash Ultimate’s release, we’re sure to be treated to increasingly exciting reveals as the game nears completion. GameTyrant will continue to report on these details as they come to light, so stay tuned!