Singleplayer Adventure STRANDED SAILS Arrives Mid-October

Stranded Sails has a little bit of everything for everyone. Open-world exploration meets farming in this new adventure from Lemonbomb Entertainment. You and your crew have shipwrecked on an archipelago and you must construct a new ship to safely leave the islands. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The stranded crew must find a way to survive in the foreign land.

Farming and foraging will help keep you alive and healthy as you explore the world around you. The islands have secrets to discover. Embark on quests to uncover truths about the archipelago and to fulfill the needs of your crew and mission. Stranded Sails promises an engaging story, a survival game, an open-world adventure, and a host of puzzles and challenges for players to solve.

If Lemonbomb Entertainment is able to deliver on all of these exciting features, then Stranded Sails will be a game you won’t want to miss. Available on PC and console, the upcoming adventure is coming soon. Your crew awaits!

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