Six Months After Launch BATTLEFIELD V is Finally in Top Form

Too Much Too Late?

I have been playing the Battlefield series fiercely both solo, in squad and in the glory days, at LAN parties, since what-seems-forever-ago launch of Battlefield 1942. I can’t believe that was almost 17 years ago, on a 256k DSL connection that I relished in 64 player combat. Fast forward to Battlefield V and while the game was solid at launch, it lacked its much touted Battle Royale mode, a sizable map rotation, and other promised features that were pushed out month after month.

Now, with the latest (gorgeous) Mercury map launched, this game feels like the complete package we were promised pre-launch. Is it all too much too late or are you still playing like mad with every little drip of content? I for one, got tired of the game a month after launch and even though Mercury made me long for the glory days of Battlefield, I now longer have friends or family playing it regularly and that is half the fun. What’s next for the Battlefield series? Only time… and EA will tell. With Battefield V finally at top form, will the player base stick around or hold off for the next big online shooter?