Sizable Discounts on Select UbiSoft Games Now Until 2/15/16 on PSN

You may be interested in the list of some of these titles on PlayStation Store, as UbiSoft has just announced their publisher sale on PSN. Someone who’s had some interest in games like Watch Dogs or Rainbow Six: Siege might find some new incentive to pull the trigger.

Allow me to recommend my personal favorite on the list, South Park: The Stick of Truth. Looking back, no game has made me laugh this much since the days of my youth playing Conker’s Bad Fur Day. When the fight scenes weren’t side-splitting with stupid, crude humor, the excellent orchestral score provided a constant comedic juxtaposition as I wandered in South Park, working my way up from level one classification “Douchebag.”

The discounts go up to 67% off and will be available for a few more days on PSN.

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