SKYFEAR Will Take You To The Skies For Battle As A Wyvern Dragon

Combat in games is one that will never get old, but constantly twisted to bring it out in a new style of gameplay and scenery. Bringing prehistoric settings, aerial and ground combat, with the full control of a dragon into the mix is Protoria Studios with their upcoming title Skyfear!

This game is going to be a Dragon vs Dragon style PvP game that will have you working with skill, percision, timing, and various forms of dragon breath! You can choose from fire, frost, electric, and poison breath as your attack and have it fit your fighting style! Check out the trailer:

This game looks like it will be intense and great fun for those who enjoy the chaos of war while trying to assist or attack your friends! It will be an interesting addition to the combat style field for sure! I just hope that their dragon controls aren't as messed up as games that featured controlling a dragon have been in the past, *cough* Eragon *cough*

These guys are currently on Kickstarter and are hoping to bring the game out late 2017 or early 2018 on Steam, but with the crowdfunder completed they want to aim for a console release! But if you would like to follow their development, check them out on Facebook and Twitter.