SKYLANDERS Introduces Custom 3D-Printed Figures

We live in a world where those who have access to the technology can 3D-print nearly anything from something as simple as a hammer to more complex things like lets say human body parts, so why should toys be an exception? In line with this mentality, Activision has figured out that they can further monetize their already money-printing franchise, Skylanders, by offering players the option to 3D-print their own customized figures with full in-game functionality for the modicum sum of $49.99, Polygon reports.

The upcoming game, Skylanders: Imaginators, will give players the ability to create customized Skylanders that can later be stored in creation crystals. The possibilities are described as limitless by Skylanders creator, Toys for Bob, and players will be able to customize a character's head, body, tail, arms, legs, as well as each part's color scheme.  

Additionally, Skylanders will be launching Skylanders: Creators, which will serve as a companion app for creating custom characters and ordering custom products on the go. 

Once a character is created if players aren't satisfied by merely having their character live inside a creation crystal they will have the in-app option to purchase any of the following:

  1. A 3D-printed version of their Skylander with in-game functionality for $49.99.
  2. A plastic trading card featuring their custom Skylander with in-game functionality for $14.99.
  3. A t-shirt with the custom Skylander stamped on it for $24.99 - no in-game functionality for this one. It's just a t-shirt.

The products will then be made by 3D-printing company, Shapeways, who will in turn mail them to the player's home.

To keep players engaged and spending, I mean creating, the app will also offer daily Imaginite and Sensei chests which are essentially loot chests with special and unique creation parts. Sounds pretty lucrative, right? Parents' credit cards, beware!

Skylanders: Imaginators and the Skylanders: Creators app will be released in North America on October 16, 2016,