Sledgehammer Games Releases Teaser Video For Upcoming CALL OF DUTY Game

Sledgehammer Games, who produced Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Modern Warfare 3 has posted a teaser video for their upcoming COD game in 2017...

Internet speculation has said that this indicates that the team is working on a WWII era COD game. A lot of that comes from the sound of the church bell and the use of an analog clock.

Personally, I'm not sure what to believe. There's no real indication that this video is a teaser for a video game, and for all we know it could have been some goofy video a dev made in their free time and they shared it just because. Then again, I'm not sure I would put this much work into something if it ultimately was only going to be used I guess I'm leaning more with the speculation on this one. 

I think the "Zodiac year of the Hammer" is relevant. Maybe we're getting a Russian perspective of WW2 (Hammer and Sickle)? We haven't seen that yet! What do you think it all means?