SMASH: VGBootCamp Needs The SMASH BROS Communities' Help


For years, VGBootCamp has been one of THE driving forces for broadcasting Super Smash Bros eSports, and now they need our help. VGBC's main man Calvin Lofton "GimR" broke down the situation on Reddit, and you can get caught up by reading the statement below:

In mid to late 2015 our mother was diagnosed with early onset dementia at 49 years old. In January 2016 she moved in with us and lived with us for an entire year. We did our best to take care of her. As her conditioned worsened John, Matthew and I had to each do daily 4 or 5 hour shifts to watch her. It was basically a full-time job for each of us. You cannot imagine how hard it was to run VGBootCamp on top of that. It came to our attention that she was sundowner and she got even worse. She got extremely agitated and her behavior became aggressive making it even harder. She doesn’t think she has dementia which made things even more difficult because she didn’t let us help her bathe or dress. In December 2016 we decided to find her a personal care facility to take her in. We found one very close with very few patients which means we knew she’d get good care AND we could visit her often. She gets Social Security and Disability checks, they just aren’t enough to pay for her care. Up until now, her care was being paid for with a combination of backed up social security/disability checks + her current monthly social security/disability checks. That money has run out though.


We need $20,000 to help pay for our mother’s care for 2018. The video explains the math behind everything.

For those that don't know, these guys are on the road every weekend busting their ass to provide the best experience possible for the Twitch audience. Mind you, they don't make a ton of money doing this either, so it's not like they're sitting on a mountain of cash asking the Smash community to pony up.

As of now the campaign has raised a little over $7,000, and VGBC will be running a Super Mario Odyssey charity stream this weekend in hopes of raising the rest of that money. Check out the schedule right here and note that all times are EST:

Friday: 12PM - 8PM
Saturday: 12PM - 8PM
Sunday: 12PM - 8PM
Monday: 12PM - 8PM

As many have stated on the Smash subreddit, the community has been able to donate thousands towards less, so hopefully, they can pony up and help one of the sport's biggest influencers make it through a rough time.

Source: Reddit