SMITE announces details of upcoming Mid-Season Invitational


The SMITE team has revealed information about the dates and format of the SMITE Mid-Season Invitational. The SMITE MSI will be the first major event of the season, giving the top teams from all three Smite leagues—the Pro League, the Minor League, and the Console League—an opportunity to compete for worldwide SMITE dominance.

The SMITE MSI will go down between July 8 and 11, and will be played in two stages. The first stage will be a single-elimination play-in bracket featuring crossplay between both PC and console teams in best-of-three matches. There will be a total of eight teams competing in the play-in, all from the SML and SCL, and the top two will advance to the main bracket in the second stage of play.

Stage Two will feature a finals bracket composed of the top six SMITE Pro League teams and the two qualifiers from the previous stage. The bracket will once again be single-elim, with teams playing best-of-three matches until the semifinals, where they will switch to a best-of-five format. The winners will receive the lion’s share of the event’s $200,000 prize pool, with a portion of the prizes reserved for console players.

See SMITE’s full announcement here.