SMITE Launches PVE Event "Xing Tian's Mountain"

From now until October 13th you can take part in the first ever PVE event in popular MOBA game Smite. Kotaku says Xing Tian's Mountain involves 5 players teaming up and taking on waves of enemies capped off with a raid style boss. Players who participate have a shot at in-game prizes and bragging rights for getting to the top of the leaderboard with their friends. 

This is so weird! It definitely sounds fun, but I never saw my Smite main taking on a dungeon and actually doing well! Then again, I play Cupid and maybe that just means he doesn't have a place in this new mode as I can think of a lot of other characters who would fare well. 

If nothing else, it'll give me something else to do when I get tired of getting stomped in PvP!