Polished Sniping Simulator

I remember diving into Sniper Elite V2 on PC when released many moons ago and loving it. In this age of remasters, remakes and HD overhauls, this title was already a fantastic and sometimes criminally underrated shooter. Now, with this remaster, it’s the perfect time to jump back in, crank up those graphically improvements and blast some Nazi scum.


The game is the pure realization of “BOOM! HEADSHOT!” and boy oh boy, is it detailed. Skulls, lungs and other vital areas of the body explode on impact depending on where you land your shots. Luckily, you can decide whether you get slow mo replays on every shot, most shots or none at all. Also, the difficulty settings range from arcade like easier to brutal realistic settings such as physics, tougher enemies etc.

Levels are gorgeous and masterfully designed.

Both Veterans and N00bs are Welcome

Whether you are veteran or a newcomer to the Sniper Elite series, I believe V2 to be the best in the series. Yes, the later entries have improved graphics and more features but this WWII shooter is one of the best and with it being remastered, it’s an absolute necessity for any shooter fan to pick up ASAP.. Available now on PC, PS4, Xbone and even Nintendo Switch. BOOM! HEADSHOT!