Soar The Skies With Jetpacks In FORTNITE Battle Royale

For a limited time, jetpacks are finally available in the ever-popular battle royale game, Fortnite. A few months ago, Epic Games attempted to release jetpacks in the game. However, due to several design issues, the developer decided to retract the jetpacks to work on them some more. Now, Epic says that the jetpacks are, “The first of a new item type, Backpacks,” which suggests that the developer is planning similar backpack variations in the future. 

The jetpacks were introduced in the game with update 4.2. Once players acquire a jetpack, they only have to jump in mid-air to start soaring the skies. Furthermore, the game allows players to shoot their weapons while in mid-air, but of course, aiming will be challenging than ever. It’s worth knowing however that you can’t just fly for the duration of the game since jetpacks have limited power and will only recharge when not in use. It is recommended that players keep an eye on the jetpack’s charge because if you run out of juice in the sky, then expect to plummet down to your death. 

Lastly, jetpacks are Legendary rarity, and can be found in treasure chests and will use up a slot in your inventory. To add to that jetpacks will look like this tiny robot wearing a baseball cap jamming to some music. Jetpacks will be available in the Close Encounters event mode, which will begin on Friday. Also, the update brought back the Solid Gold event mode where all weapons dropped are Legendary. 

You can check out all the details of the update 4.2 via the complete patch notes here

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