Social Raids Coming to POKEMON GO

With there still being over 65 million players playing Pokemon GO daily, people have been looking forward to seeing what Niantic will bring them next. With latest events bringing new Pokemon and joy to players, such as the Water Festival and release of shiny Magikarp's, the next big move seems to come with an update to the gyms as well.

According to Forbes, dataminers have found code that indicates that players will need to maintain the Pokemon they leave at the gyms by visiting them and feeding them, receiving alerts related to the gym-holding Pokemon. Aside from that, the dataminers also mentioned the more interesting of news; social raids!

What is a social raid exactly? Well, if you recall from the original Pokemon GO trailers, they featured the event in Times Square where the crowd battled Mewtwo and ended up catching him upon defeat. That is a social raid, and they are officially on their way in to the game!

I, for one, am extremely excited and hope to see some legendary Pokemon finally making an appearance in the game! Mew, Mewtwo, Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres may be the next big Pokedex entries for this player.

Here's the old trailer to remind you: