Solve The Puzzles That Bring Your Band Together In KINE

From the mind of Bioshock Infinite’s senior technical animator and co-creator of Flame in the Flood, Gwen Frey, we are getting a unique 3D puzzle game. Kine is her solo project that will take you through various parts of a hand-drawn jazzy city. Planned to release on October 17th for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via the Epic Games Store, players will soon be able to take their band through a theatrical dreamscape.

Your journey begins as a group of witty instruments band together to set out on a journey to become musicians. To do this, they will have to solve a wide variety of increasingly difficult before heading to the main stage where band members Roo, Quat, and Euler must use their unique abilities together to solve the most challenging puzzles and find their big break. Through the struggles, players can complete side quests to watch as the relationships between the members unfold as well.

Their trailer shows off how some of the puzzles are done and gives a taste of the music we will get to listen to throughout the game. With Kine already so close to release, are you prepared to take on this 3D puzzle adventure?