SONIC RUNNERS ADVENTURE Releasing To The App Store And Google Play Soon

If you think you’ve played this game before, then you’re probably right. Sonic Runners Adventure was already released for smartphones way back in 2015. The game’s server’s were shut down not long after its release as it faced issues with its rewards system and also the fact that an Internet connection is required to play the game. 

Now, Gameloft and Sega is re-releasing the game again after reworking the concept and mechanics. It already had a soft launch last July and the gameplay has been updated including offline play support. Not much information is out at the moment but you can check out the trailer posted above. Gameloft is yet to announce the game’s release date, as the trailer only revealed that the app is “coming soon.” 

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been noticing the resurgence of classic video game characters lately. I mean last July we witnessed the return of Crash Bandicoot and a remade of his classic games with Crash N. Sane Trilogy. We also saw Mario’s epic return with Super Mario Odyssey, and a few days ago, Capcom announced exciting releases for Mega Man, check out the details here. Although Sonic’s return next year isn’t as big as the others, at least we get to play Sonic Runners Adventure on our smartphones soon. 

What do you think about Sonic Runners Adventure? Have you played the 2015 version of the game?