Sony Announces Tablet Technology That Will Basically Make YUGIOH Real Life

Games Like YuGiOh, Pokemon and Magic are about to be revolutionized. Sony Japan (via Kotaku) just announced Project Field, which will allow players to use their physical cards on a digital playing ground. Players will lay their cards down on the play mat and be able to see their cards in play on a tablet or smartphone in front of them. 

Apparently, this technology has existed in Japan for awhile, but this is the first time the technology has been developed for a home setting. I definitely like the potential it has! At a minimum, it'll make the process of determining damage and keeping track of points much more streamlined than it can be without the use of electronics. My one complaint is it looks absolutely nothing like a duel disc and how can I send anyone to the shadow realm without something a bit larger?!

Project Field has not been announced for international release.