Sony Is Ending Its PS2 Aftercare Service In Japan

It has been eighteen years since the PlayStation 2 was released in the market, and ceased production in 2012. However, Sony in Japan has announced that they are preparing to discontinue the aftercare service for the console soon. 

Kotaku reported via IT Media that Sony has distributed online forms to PS2 owners, which will have to be filled out by August 31. These forms are for those players who would want to have their PS2 fixed one last time. All consoles that will arrive at the PlayStation Clinic after September 7 will no longer be accepted. 

It’s nice to know that Sony, at least in Japan, is still supporting PS2 repairs six years after the company decided to stop manufacturing the console. Of course, this move in inevitable as Sony has to allocate their resources on the more recent consoles such as the PS3 and PS4. 

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