Sony Is Looking Into Creating A PlayStation 1 Classic

The success of Nintendo's classic consoles is finally starting to reach into another console creators planning team discussions. After the incredibly popular NES Classic and SNES Classic consoles were able to sell out before they even launched, attention towards the concept of bringing back old fan favorites has finally captivated Sony.

It has been confirmed recently by Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO John Kodera that there is talk of creating a PlayStation 1 Classic console gaming system, similar to the popular Nintendo consoles. While he stated that there is nothing the company can talk about just yet, Kodera told Japan's Mantan Web,

“We are constantly digging up past assets, and I think there are various ways of doing it. There have been discussions happening inside the company about how to make it work.”

I, for one, am extremely excited to see Sony taking notice that gamers want to play through the games that made most of us the gaming machines we are today. There are so many options of games to have pre-installed as well. My prediction list includes:

I'm sure there are plenty more great options that I didn't list, but I couldn't imagine any of those titles not making the final cut. While there is still a lot of steps for Sony to take before the PS1 Classic console can be a reality, would you be interested in getting the system yourself? What games would you like to see included with the system?

Source: GameByte